Monday, September 6, 2010

I Can Do This!

Once upon a time. I live by a schedule, a routine if you will. I'd get up, make the bed, get dressed, clean the bathroom, clear emails and blog while drinking my coffee and then start cleaning and run errands if necessary. Honest, I did. But somewhere along the line, I stopped. I'd try over and over to get started again. But it was as if the long task of things I used to do was just too overwhelming, so why bother?

Baby steps.

I know that's the answer. Start small and build my way up. It's just like exercising and eating right. It' not like I can just start drinking 8 glasses of water a day and eat right and exercise for an hour a day and quit smoking and clean the house and get a job and take care of my father and spend time with my son and get a life and be Ms. Perfect. So, here's my plan: Start a new routine. Well not new. Old. Go back to my old routine. I know, I know. I've avoided doing this in the past because it was too overwhelming. I'm not saying I'll complete the routine everyday. I'm saying I'll start working on it. I may very well burn out after an hour. But an hour is better than nothing. Right? Right??? (Disregard the fact that in one paragraph I went from baby steps to full blown routine again. Let's just go with the flow.)

Today's Schedule (although I won't be changing out the bedding since I just did that the other day):

A)I have 15 minutes to strip beds and start laundry.

B)I have 30 minutes to rumble :
2)living room
3)dining room or office
6)another room of choice

C)I have 15 minutes to do a load of dishes and clear a counter.

D)I have 10 minutes to dust, and 5 minutes for exercise.

E)I have 10 minutes to switch laundry, and 5 minutes to drink a glass of water.

F)I have 30 minutes to mop and/or vacuum:
3)living room
4)another room of choice

G)I have 10 minutes to clean out our wallet and purse or bag, and 5 minutes for exercise.

H)I have 10 minutes to switch laundry, and 5 minutes to drink a glass of water.

I)I have 30 minutes to:
1)shine the bathroom
2)fling 10 things
3)exercise for 5 minutes
4)drink a glass of water

J)I have 10 minutes to empty the trash cans and shine the sink, and 5 minutes for exercise.

K)I have 10 minutes to switch laundry, and 5 minutes to drink a glass of water.

L)I have 30 minutes to sort and put away laundry.

M)I have 15 minutes to remake beds and fluff pillows.

I will *try* to post tonight my actual accomplishments.