Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finally a New Layout!!!

It's taken much longer than I wanted to find a layout.  Okay, not just a layout, but a new header image as well.  As a result, I found myself procrastinating blogging.  I know it's hard to believe (yeah, right), but when my plate is overfull with to-do's, I'm a HUGE procrastinator.  Of course, this just causes my list to become longer, and then I procrastinate more and then...well, I think you get the picture. 

I'm not allowing my New Year's goals (resolutions, whatever) to start until Monday.  Because really, its the start of the week, so that's when new things should begin.  You'd think people would have caught on to this concept by now and just have the New Year begin after 52 weeks on the next Monday, but nooooo....they have to start it in the middle of the week, or on a weekend.  And let's face it, nobody wants to start exercising or quitting smoking or dieting or whatever unless its a Monday.  So, January 4th will begin my new year, and my laundry list of things I would like to accomplish.  I'll post a blog within the next couple of days of the most important goals I have, but I know I have to do coupon clipping this weekend (goal), and my menu plan (goal), and I think I have a Monday Mingle due....I have done one in a month, so I really need to get on that if its due Monday. 

So, Monday.....I'll wish everyone a Happy New Year!


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