Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Goals Revisited

In preparation of my 2010 goals, I decided to take a look at my 2009 goals I had planned. I was actually doing pretty well until June/July when Dad was diagnosed with cancer and my goals got put on the back burner as I had to take care of him.

Exercise 30 minutes a day (I was doing this religiously from March til June, even got to walking 4 miles a day, now, not so much)
Drink 8 glasses of water a day (See notation on exercise, same deal)
Track calories (This one I even did during the summer, but once school and Dad's radiation began, this went out the window)
Log into SparkPeople daily (Still doing this!)
Be realistic about weight loss and not give up (I'm more realistic about this now than last year, haven't given up, but eating that x-large peanut butter/chocolate tree I just ate isn't helping)
Spend a minimum of one hour per day on homework (Pretty much did this, but let's face it, there are days when no homework can be done and other days I put in 12 hours)
Complete morning routine by Noon (Waking up at 11 am puts a hamper on this goal)
Complete afternoon routine by 5pm (I'm usually "waking up enough to move" by 1pm, get started on morning goals, and afternoon, never finish all of them, but I do try to do at least some of it)
Complete evening routine by 9pm ( if.  Let's face it, after dinner I barely want to get anything done.  Dinner at 7:30 means finishing close to 8 and then prime time tv starts, so who has time to clean the kitchen and do other things?)
Complete PDC's daily (Really hard to do these, when they're not sent out anymore LOL But I do occasionally try to do the Monday Weekly Blessing Hour and Tuesday 2 Minutes)
Complete Kelly's mission (I don't think I've even looked at these since January)
Spend a minimum of 15 min per day on pccx when in effect (I've had an excuse for every pccx that came about this year as to why I didn't finish it, maybe January will be different and I can try this again)

Write blog daily - limited to 30 min a day (I've had different blogs, I think I'll stick with Most Stressed Woman, because let's face, the title fits)

Go to the library to do homework if necessary (This didn't work as Dad was so sick that I couldn't leave the house, but I did move the desk in Jordan's room, so I can go there when need be, so let's consider this one done)
Menu Plan weekly (I've done this on/off. But I really am trying, already have this week's done!)
Grocery Shopping weekly WITH a list (NEVER go shopping without a list anymore! Checked DONE!)
Help Dad with gardening (Helped, and did more than I wanted once he got sick as he didn't have the strength so I got stuck doing more than my share.  DONE!)
Spend quality alone time with DH at least 2x month (Didn't necessarily accomplish every month, but we have been going to breakfast on Sundays about 1-2x a month since Dad started getting better)

Reach goal weight of 125 by December (at 170 now) (Went up, then down but not to goal, and now climbing back up again. Sighhhhh)
Pay down credit cards to 0 by end of year (ROFL! Yeah right!!)

One Time
Update SparkPeople site (DONE!)
Attain a minimum of 3.5 in each class (I got a 3.0 in 2 classes and 2.0 in 2 classes, but with everything happening with Dad, I'm okay with it)

Rewrite routines (DONE!)
Hold 1 garage sale and donate anything left over (DONE!)
Start growing herbs (DONE! But would like to grow more)
Start scrapbooking Kris' letters from basic training (Started, but didn't finish, but goal was only to start, so DONE!)
Organize genealogy records (I started to do this, I even created an all new file so I knew all of the information I had was 100% accurate, but I have a lot of files...)

Input genealogy records into program (DONE! Okay, not done, started LOL)
Organize bills (DONE! At least in January, have to reorganize again)
Create a budget (DONE! At least in January, and then husband was laid off in May, have to create a new budget)
Complete taxes by Feb. 15 (DONE! Not only with my taxes, but everybody else I do taxes for too!)
Start savings account (Uh nope....but I hope to open a new account at a different bank soon, so I'll get right on this)
Get physicals completed for all (DONE!)
Get dental work completed for all (Got my son's done, our dental insurance got canceled)

Okay, so I didn't get everything done.  Heck, I barely got 25% done probably.  But, I have a REALLY good excuse: I became a caretaker.  So, hopefully 2010 will be my year to get more done...


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