Monday, November 16, 2009

Freaking Out!

Even with no sleep, yesterday was semi-productive.  I completed my shopping at Walgreens, purchased some stocking stuffers at Dollar Tree, purchased 1 gift at Kmart and discovered the deal of the year at Kmart: coupons doubled up to $2.  I also clipped coupons (okay, some...not all) and learned how to operate my webcam so I can begin vlogging.  While the day seems productive, I didn't get a hundred other things done, thus, semi-productive.

Because I got no sleep yesterday, I ended up sleeping almost 14 hours and not waking up til after 10 today.  I have so much to do, I don't even know where to begin!  Basically, I haven't worked on my chemistry homework since last Wednesday.  This puts me majorly behind and I have to take a test this week for that class.  I'm caught up on ethics homework, but the question is whether to fall a little behind and just concentrate on chemistry or do a little of that as well to stay current. 

I have at least 3 loads of laundry to do today.  That's just so the basics are clean.  Fortunately, Dad was kind enough to do dishes last night while I was sleeping and put them away this morning, so that's one thing off my list.  What else?  OH!  I want to try vlogging the Monday Mingle's with eightymphmom which means creating a vlog of less than 10 minutes which will probably take me at least 2 hours to do.  At LEAST!!!  What else?  *tapping fingers* I know there is more....

OH YEAH!  Vistaprint is offering a a free 2010 calendar, so I'm hoping to do that, but first I want to use the photo collage software I found over the weekend (see yesterday's post), which means I have to go through more photos, because I'd ideally like to have 25 photos for the calendar, and I think I have 11 set aside right now.  This also means scanning.  This project will take at least 3 hours I'd imagine.

Then there's that Kmart deal.  I know it doesn't expire today.  BUT, I can get the Hormel Compleats FREE with the $1 coupons I have, and I'm sure there is even more deals to be found, so I really want to go through my coupons and head to Kmart.  I suppose this could wait til tomorrow or Wednesday, but I want free stuff NOW!!!

Oh right, and then basic housecleaning on top of all of that.  Guess I should get going, huh?  Will try to get my Monday Mingle in today!!!


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