Sunday, November 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't followed my own advice. I didn't create a menu plan for last week, and to say dinners were substandard is being polite. I was stressed out with homework and ended up calling leftovers our dinner two nights and ordered pizza on another. Every night I would give myself a lecture that if I had created a menu plan, I wouldn't be in the situation I was in, standing in the middle of the kitchen pulling my hair out (and not the gray ones either!).

I never made this a few weeks ago, time to try again!

You'll notice I cheat and use a lot of Betty Crocker recipes.  They're usually quick to make!

Thursday: Thanksgiving at the In-Laws
Expect a post of complaints on Friday

Friday: Spaghetti
(The Ole Stand-by)

(This was a real hit a few weeks ago!)



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