Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Mingle

Today is my first attempt at the Monday Mingle.  Teresa from Gossip at the Fence invited me to join a few weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to it.  Our lovely hostess is Jennifer at Eighty MPH Mom and I've been having fun watching everybody's videos.  Most are 5-10 minutes, so you can watch a few and kill some time and laugh with us!

This week's questions (courtesy of Mat and Erin from Mrs. Cox's Slice O' Heaven):

1. Have you ever gone streaking or skinny dipping? - from Mat (Erin's hubby LOL - Eighty MPH Mom added the skinny dipping part)

2. If could invite any 5 people to dinner who would it be?

3. Would you rather ... have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?

4. When you tap your fingers... do you tap index finger to pinky finger? Vice versa? Or can you do both equally well?

5. Would you rather ... stand 4'1 or 7'9"?

6. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? 

After thinking about it, another alternative to the 5 people for dinner would be: 
  1. Jon Stewart (from the Daily Show)
  2. Glen Beck
  3. George W. Bush
  4. Anderson Cooper
  5. Kathy Griffin
The conversation would certainly be lively, and G.W. would probably start drinking again LOL

If you'd like to join in on the vlogging fun, here are next week's questions:

We're mixing it up a bit this week - ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIPS:
Speedy Cop would love to see the husband/partner's answers too - either via vlog or through you!

1. Men: When your spouse asks you "how does this outfit make me look" - how do you respond?

    Ladies:  Do you really want him to answer honestly?

2. Both: What is one thing you should always do to keep your spouse/partner happy? What do you do/say to avoid friction in your relationship?

3.  Both: What were the first thoughts about your spouse/partner  that came to mind when you first met him/her?

4.  Both:  What is your favorite physical feature of your spouse/partner?

5. Both: What are the key ingredients to a successful marriage/relationship?

6.  Are you ready for more Speedy Cop movie quotes?


Andrea Proulx said...

Welcome to the Monday Mingle!! LOL, your skinny dipping picture was absolutely perfect. I can't wait to Mingle with you again next week.

Kristin said...

that was perfect! see you next week!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

You are a hoot~! I am so glad you joined in - you are a wonderful addition.

Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump - now that is quite a pair. That would be so funny.

I am pretty short too - 5'2. I don't mind it so much (5'6 would be better), but I think you are right - men like to snuggle with tiny women LOL.

Thank you so much for joining in - I can't wait to see you next week!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Just watched your Monday mingle! Funny lady!
Love it! You are a natural on the camera. I like your skinny dipping photo. Funny...

Can't wait until you post the next mingle! Is your hubby going to join us?
Thanks for joining! I like your blog so much I have decided to follow....Brad Pitt maybe was a decider....Hubba, Hubba! YOWZA!

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